13 Most Popular YouTube Magicians

13 Most Popular YouTube Magicians

Who would have thought that YouTube magicians could account for well over 20,000,000,000 views on the platform since it launched?

While magic shows became less frequent at your local theater, magicians haven’t stopped that from allowing them to reach a wide audience, and arguably a bigger audience than they would through street magic and shows alone.

Today, these are some of the most popular YouTube magicians out there. We’ll go over their total number of views, why they’re so popular, and what you can learn from each of them individually.

Most Popular YouTube Magicians

1. Chris Ramsay

I’m not saying that he looks like Tom Hardy, but I’m also not saying that he doesn’t.

Chris Ramsay is one of the highest-earning YouTube magicians to ever come out, and that’s including the fact that David Blaine has his own YouTube channel.

Some of his most famous videos include reacting to genius magic tricks, performing street magic, how to fool people with decks of cards, magic compilations from his performances, as well as other reaction-based content.

At least 100,000 people watch his videos every single day because he displays what many magicians wish that they had: charisma.

When Chris is talking to the camera, everything is just natural and goes smoothly. It’s like he was destined to be in the spotlight, except with YouTube, he’s been able to avoid the pitfalls of your normal magician.

Chris also dabbles in other creative ventures, such as solving puzzles and cardistry.

Views: 446,000,000 (2019)

Est. Earnings: $1,000,000+ Annually

2. Rich Ferguson

Rich comes in at number two, but he still averages about 100,000 video views per day just like Chris.

However, he started off on the YouTube train a bit later than most, since he’s currently 49 years old as of writing this article.

Some of his most noteworthy videos include showcasing magic prank vanishes with coins and cards, phone pranks, money-related magic tricks (literally using money), and the time he appeared with Ellen Degeneres on her show.

His stage presence is immediately commanding, showing that he’s always belonged in front of a camera in one way or another.

One thing that Rich has done, especially with his notoriety, is taken to the subject of making money off of magic.

It’s no surprise that he makes good money off of YouTube, but between the ad revenue and his numerous opportunities that sprung from his popularity, he’s making money in ways that magicians used to only dream of.

Views: 420,000,000 (2019)

Est. Earnings: $133,100+ Annually

3. Julien Magic

He hasn’t been doing this [YouTube] for all that long, but Julien has certainly made a name for himself.

A few years back, he was performing at weddings and just trying to make money where he could. Since then, he became a street magician with a ton of control and concentration under his belt.

Some of his most popular videos include doing magic in front of people under the influence, creating smoke rings, compilations of his street magic, magic featured at festivals, and performing at Hollywood parties.

You might remember the name Julien Dauphin from Sweden’s Got Talent, where he competed and placed second back in 2007.

Over the years, he’s won a bunch of awards for his proficiency in magic, though they’re not his crowning achievement. Julien makes plenty of money off of YouTube, which helps him sustain his life outside of magic.

Views: 286,000,000 (2019)

Est. Earnings: $301,800 Annually

4. Magic Murray

Murray Sawchuck comes from Canada, where he’s practiced magic, stand-up comedy, illusions, acting, and has even been a host.

Now in Las Vegas, this magic man makes crowds completely stunned and helps them laugh their butts off at his shows.

Some of Murray’s most famous videos include teleporting pranks, security guard pranks, standard magic tricks, tricks you should never do to a girl, and trolling people in public with some sleight of hand and prestidigitation.

If you had to describe Murray in one word, it would be charismatic. It’s no wonder why his magic career took off over the last few years

Despite his youthful appearance, Murray was actually born in 1973, and if we had to guess, the constant laughter and joy he just simply releases has what’s kept him looking so young all this time.

Views: 195,000,000 (2019)

Est. Earnings: $118,300+ Annually

5. Daniel Fernandez

Daniel Fernandez was another fantastic magician who ended up being on the Ellen Degeneres show (she has a thing for YouTubers), and he was quite proud of it, as any of us would be

He’s one of the longest magician-based YouTubers on the platform, having started in June of 2009 when a lot of people weren’t even making videos yet.

Daniels’ most famous videos include awkward magic situations, mansion magic with models, simple card tricks, and a lot of vlogging content that kind of diverted his magic content on YouTube.

However, he’s still making videos on the topic.

One of the most impressive things about Daniel is that he started his YouTube channel when he was just fifteen, and was just uploading content relating to magic on there.

He’s 26 at the time of writing this, so he’s going on about 12 years of YouTube like a true champion, and you have to respect that.

Views: 131,000,000 (2019)

Est. Earnings: $31,100+ Annually

6. Julius Dein

Much like Daniel, Julius was born in 1994 and has seen a massive amount of views and followers on YouTube since he launched his career.

Initially born in the UK, Julius attended the JFS school in Kenton in England, and began playing at parties and small events.

Some of his most famous videos include crazy street magic, compilations of his best works, girls reacting to his street magic, and performing with an assistant on stage, as well as reactions to his magic from people across the world.

One of the most impressive parts about his career is that way he was able to attain a huge following in a short amount of time.

In about five years, he’s received millions of subscribers, and if you count other social media platforms, he’s accelerating at a crazy rate.

Views: 75,000,000 (2019)

Est. Earnings: $76,700 Annually

7. Wes Barker

There’s nothing quite like doing magic because you just love doing it, and Wes Barker is the perfect representation of this.

With a ton of views and plenty of stunts that he’s posted online Barker rode the social media hype train and caught everyone’s eyes.

Some of his most famous videos to date are full-frontal magic, stunt magician interviews, a comedy special by Wes that spans a whole hour, and a lot of his time spent on stage with different clips here and there.

Wes might be best-known for his spot on America’s Got Talent, even though it never aired. Yeah, his audition was never put on TV, and he ended up with a total of 4/4 yeses from the judges.

It should also be noted that Wes premiered on an episode of Fool Us, a Penn and Teller show. He’s got his hands in all the right cookie jars.

Views: 65,000,000 (2019)

Est. Earnings: $16,500 Annually

8. Jack Nobile

Jack spends most of his time doing street magic, and began that journey when he was fifteen years old.

With a lifelong love of the craft, he started his YouTube channel in 2012, and steadily rose to being one of the top ten most-visited YouTube channels owned by magicians in recent years.

Jack’s most popular videos include magic tricks with Tic-Tac containers, floor cardistry, trolling tricks, a tour at the Masters of Magic convention, and some rather lengthy videos of his tricks in a compilation.

Jack’s amazing tricks have led him to owning one of the most commercially successful magician’s YouTube channels in existence today.

While his channel is in Italian, you can still learn a lot just by watching how he performs his tricks. I will say that he’s become a little more prank-oriented in recent years, but it’s still a good amount of laughs and equal parts magical mischief.

Views: 216,000,000 (2019)

Est. Earnings: $257,700 Annually

9. Jay Sankey

Jay isn’t just a magician, he’s also a well-known stand-up comedian who’s been having a ton of fun just touring the scene in Canada, where he originally hails from.

Some of Jay’s famous videos include earning easy tricks with Jay, a meet-and-greet style video, persuasion, and melting card tricks.

It’s also worth pointing out that this seasoned magician received a lot of videos dedicated to him for his time spent in the magical arts.

But if you really want to know something interesting about him, it’s this: he’s worked with Criss Angel to produce effects, and he also allowed David Copperfield to perform his balloon effect live.

He’s definitely an embedded part of the community and it just so happens that he likes putting out videos for us as well, even if some of them are under his hilarious alter-ego of Craigg Angelo.

Views: 35,000,000 (2019)

Est. Earnings: $20,100 Annually

10. Rick Smith Jr.

This is the guy who holds the record for the longest throwing card distance ever, and the highest speed ever (which was just under 92 MPH).

Rick Smith Jr. has premiered in television commercials, and broken the aforementioned record a whopping three separate times.

Some of his most famous videos include card throwing trick shot videos, an introduction to who he is, a total tutorial on card throwing from the ground up, and simple street magic videos as well.

He’s able to keep production value high, but despite being a record-holder, he doesn’t get nearly as much notoriety on YouTube as a lot of his counterparts.

The best part about Rick Smith Jr. and watching him perform magic is that it’s just flawless.

The guy makes it look like he was born with all this talent, and even then, he still went to the lengths of producing it and refining it over a series of years. He makes it look easy; that’s all I’m saying.

Views: 11,000,000 (2019)

Est. Earnings: $10,000 Annually

11. Evan Era

Evan has spent a ton of time having fun with magic on YouTube, which is exactly what we love about him.

Evan’s videos are usually witty and funny, while also getting some good ole YouTube overreaction from people in his videos.

The man has one of the most successful YouTube channels out there, but because he’s taken a lot of diversity in his content, the magic stuff can fall by the wayside in a matter of weeks, which is why he’s a bit lower on this list.

Some of his most successful videos include street magic tricks, teaching easy tricks that anyone can do, classic old-school magic tricks, how to pick up girls with magic, and magical pranks that every magician should know, according to him.

There’s a lot to learn from him, but most importantly, he makes it entertaining.

Views: 374,000,000 (2019)

Est. Earnings: $161,600 Annually

12. Andy Gross

While he’s getting up there in views, Andy Gross is already seeing the end of his career.

He’s had his time as a stand-up comedian and even a racquetball player, so it’s safe to assume that magic isn’t his primary focus.

However, he has a collection of entertaining magic-oriented videos on YouTube. One that you have to check out is when he rips his assistants head off (don’t worry, it grows back).

Views: 16,000,000 (2019)

Est. Earnings: $1,300 Annually

13. Patrick Kun

Patrick Kun is an up-and-coming YouTuber who puts a lot of heavy focus on magic, and for that, he deserves to be on this list.

The man is able to make things happen in ways that look unexplainable.

Patrick’s most notable videos include camera tricks, manipulating time and fire, and full performances of some of his smaller works.

But do you know why he’s here? Why he’s on this list?

The man is making creations for David Copperfield, which are being used at his MGM Grand shows, as well as his worldwide tour. Yeah, a kid on YouTube turned into something fantastic, and he’s only just started.

Views: 5,000,000 (2019)

Est. Earnings: $1,600 Annually

What Made These Guys Famous?

What Made These Guys Famous?

A lot of diligent work, and getting in on the platform early.

YouTube has seen a ton of algorithm changes, which promote certain videos and hold other ones back.

While I definitely think Chris Ramsay is a fantastic, light-hearted and generally entertaining magician, there should be others sharing the same amount of viewership as he does.

He just happened to also get in during a good time for the algorithm while being proficient in his magic.

At the end of the day, when you’re promoting your skills like this, nobody gets famous by accident.

They all worked hard to hone their craft, develop tricks and props, and simply get their affairs in order.

From the top-down, these magicians give you the opportunity to learn something new, from each and every one of them.

What are you waiting for?

There are 13 pros sitting right here, ready to teach you, if you’re willing to learn.

How to Start a Magician YouTube Channel

Who says you just have to sit on the sidelines?

You can do the same thing these guys are doing, and you can get started without having to spend a whole ton of money.

Production quality is good, but people want to see raw, real video footage of magicians doing their tricks.

You don’t have to go crazy with equipment, and you don’t have to hire editors and assistants.

You can spend less than a grand to get everything you’ll need to capture video, edit, upload and manage your content.

YouTube is not only a good place to make some side money, but it also offers you the notoriety that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to achieve strictly through word of mouth.

You owe it to yourself to see what’s out there.

Start Your Magician Career Now

Thanks to the digital world, there are so many ways to produce content aside from just street performing and in-person shows.

You might not be the next Penn and Teller, but you could be the next Ramsay, Fergunson, or Fernandez—all of whom make a pretty penny off of YouTube videos alone.

Understanding your CRM and other options to monetize your YouTube channel (merchandise, sponsorships, courses) is an excellent way to launch your career in magic.

Nowadays, this can be done (and earn you good money) before you start selling out venues. You have nothing to lose by getting started right now.

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