9 Fun Magic Tricks for Kids

9 Fun Magic Tricks For Kids

Kids love magic arguably more than adults do.

Most of us were first introduced to magic as children, and the love of illusion stuck with us right up until now.

Kids’ magic tricks are much more simple than mind games or sleight of hand tricks that adults perform, but they’re still something that requires a bit of practice.

We’ve made a list of the most fun magic tricks that kids can start doing as soon as possible.

We know that children can get frustrated very easily when learning something new, which is why just about all of these tricks have an introductory-level difficulty to help them on their way.

If you’d like to see a graphical breakdown of the fun magic tricks, we got you covered:

Fun Magic Tricks

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Best Kids Magic Tricks

Rubber Pencil


Done simply by holding a pencil between your thumb and index finger, just about anybody can do this trick. Imagine a pencil like a loading bar, and you want to hold it at the 20% mark.

Gently bounce it up and down. The heavier end is going to move while you keep a tight grip on the bottom end, and after a while, it’s going to look like rubber bouncing up and down from its distorted image.

It’s simple, and it’s easy enough for most kids to do.

Vertical Ring

This one is easy to do with things that you already have in your house. Take a ring and a rubber band; and you’re good to go.

Cut the rubber band at the halfway point. You want to tell people that it’s a string, so you’re going to need a colored band to pull this off without people being suspicious.

In your left hand, you’ll hold one end of the “string” while you put the ring on it, and then grab the other end with your right hand.

You’re going to hold one hand about four inches higher than the other hand, and then gently pull the rubber band apart.

It’s going to give the illusion that the ring is actually traveling up the string instead, so long as you pull it off properly.

Pre-Sliced Banana


This one takes some setup, but if you have a simple sewing needle, then you can open up a banana with all of the pieces in slices.

You’re not opening the banana and then trying to put it back together, so people can see that you’re not pulling their leg.

Use a pin and poke a hole in six or seven different spots, all about ½” away from each other, throughout the banana. You want them all to be vertically aligned so they are only visible to you.

Wiggle the needle left and right, effectively slicing the banana. Remove the needle, and then present your trick.

Pencil Head

This one is going to get some laughs, especially if your kid can master it for their friends.

Using an unsharpened pencil, you’re going to hold it between your middle and index finger.

The hand with the pencil is going to go vertically underneath your head, and with your other hand, pinch the head of the pencil. Hold it right up to your nose.

Push up with the hand holding the pencil. What you’re doing is gently sliding the pencil down your wrist with the illusion that it’s going into your nose.

Then, take your hands, now grouped together, and position them over your ear. Pull the pencil out by sliding it between your fingers so that it slides out from being against your wrist to being in your hands.

Cup Through a Table

This one’s a lot of fun to do, and it can usually be done with whatever you have laying around the house.

Get a cup, a ball, and a piece of colored construction paper that you can’t see objects through. You’re going to line up the ball on a table with your spectators sitting on the other side.

The magician will knock on the table to show that it’s real, and state that the ball is going to go through the table.

Put the cup over the ball, then cover the cup with the colored construction paper. You want to crunch the paper around the cup so it’s completely covered.

Pull the cup up and say “See? The ball is still there, but now it’s going to go through the table.

Except that during that time, you’re getting everyone to keep their eyes on the ball while you bring the cup closer to you.

The cup will slide out from the paper and land in your lap, but you’ll hold onto the same shape.

Smash the paper cup-shape down on the table, crushing it into the ball. Pull the paper up, look around confused, and say “I must have missed something. I made the cup disappear!”

Kids love it because it brings out laughter and it’s goofy, and it’s very easy to do on your own.

Unbreakable Egg Trick


The great thing about this is that all you really need is an egg. An uncooked egg.

They’re naturally designed to hold more weight and pressure than a human can produce with their hands.

Place the bottom of an egg against your left palm, and the top of the egg in your right palm. You want to hold your hands sideways to the egg is suspended between them by the pressure you’re applying.

Apply pressure. Keep going, because it’s nearly impossible to break an egg like this.

After showing how indestructible it is, you can hand it to your spectator and tell them to throw it on the ground and watch it crack. It will break like this, and they’ll wonder how you did it (waste of an egg, but it’s fun).

Spoon Bending

You can pull this trick out just about anywhere you go. If you go to dinner, your kids can practice this while you wait for the food to arrive.

You want to make it look like you’re holding the spoon with both hands. Your hands have to appear like they’re holding the entire length of the spoon. It will look like two tight fists on top of one another.

Secretly, in the background, you’re only holding onto the spoon with your pinky. When you press the spoon down to the table, it looks like the spoon is bending, when in reality it’s just tilting behind you.

Don’t let your spectators see what you’re really up to. Once you’re done, flip the spoon up over the back of your hands and present it.

Levitating Card

This one is a bit cheesy, but it’s a fun trick for the little ones to learn.

For this, you’re going to need to get a clear piece of plastic that’s sticky on one side. These can usually be purchased specifically for this trick.

You position one side of the adhesive to your hand, and the other side will stick to the card once you place it.

Your primary hand will have the cards in it, while your other hand with this plastic piece attached to it will hang by the wayside.

Blow a breath on the card so you misdirect people to your eyes, and then grab the card with your other hand.

When you do, you’re going to grab it in such a way that the card sticks to that plastic piece with the adhesive, nice and flat. Level out your hand and then it will levitate.

The trick here is to then pull the card off with your other hand, so the adhesive stays on the plastic piece (since they are designed for this), and hand the card to someone else.

They’ll try it, and see that you have the magic, not the card.

The Disappearing Coin


This is the best chance to show them just what misdirection is and what it can do.

You start with a coin in your left hand, just gently resting there on your second and third finger. Place it in your right hand so that everyone can see the coin. Present it with two fingers.

Then, you need to roll up your sleeves. I’m not being funny, you need to roll up your sleeves. Put the coin in your left hand, so that everyone can see, and then roll up your left sleeve.

Then you’re going to do a false switch, so you’re going to look like you’re putting the coin back in your right hand, when in reality it’s staying in your left hand.

Roll up your other sleeve. Hold up your hand that everyone thinks has the coin in it, and open your fingers.

Your Nephew is Going to Love These

Bring a beginner’s magic kit over to your niece or nephew’s house, and show them the ropes of magic.

They’ll have you to teach them, and then you can watch them perform their newfound tricks for their parents with pride.

As a fun addition to any birthday parties you might work at as a magician, you can teach some basic tricks to kids as well.

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