Here’s My Story

Louis Hobbs

My name is Louis Hobbs, and I learned my first coin trick at fifteen.

Well, I learned a whole slew of tricks, but I wasn’t any good at them for a while.

When I was coming home from school one day in New York City, I was about five minutes away from catching my train.

I saw a street magician doing tricks in the subway.

I watched for a minute.

Then I got super involved.

I missed my train, and instead of getting upset, I just asked the street magician questions and picked his brain. It started there.

Then I visited some old magic shops around the city, spent a few dollars here and there on tricks, and before I knew it I was doing magic in my space time.

Coins, cups and balls, and then eventually more complex tricks.

It was a ton of fun to do, and it gave me something to show my friends.

Magic isn’t practiced like it used to be, which is exactly why I wanted to make The Magic HQ and show you how to get started, what magic kits are worth your time, and break down some not-so-secret trade secrets of the magic industry.

Whether you want to explore a potential new hobby, or really take this skill and run with it, I’m here to show you every step along the way.

Let’s get started.